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Gonzales, Rosana
World Language
Spanish Teacher


 This course provides students with opportunities to develop basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Spanish.  Students will participate in simple conversational situations by combining learned elements of the language orally and in writing.  They will be able to satisfy basic survival needs and interact on issues of everyday life in the present and present progressive time inside and outside of the classroom setting.  They will compose related sentences, which narrate, describe, compare and summarize familiar topics from the target culture.  Focus is placed on understanding main ideas.  Students will develop a better understanding of the similarities and differences between cultures and the Spanish and English languages.  Integration of other disciplines is on-going throughout the course.


This course provides students to develop further their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Spanish.  Students will engage in conversations and written assignments in Spanish on an array of topics helping them to reinforce their knowledge of other subjects. Students will also identify similarities and differences among the perspectives, products, and practices of American culture and those of the Spanish-speaking cultures.  We will accomplish this through exposure to a variety of authentic Spanish sources: interviews, songs, news clips, grammar videos, news articles, works of visual art and architecture, and literature.

Prerequisite: Spanish I or Spanish l Part I and Spanish I Part II (Middle School) and language proficiency


This course reviews Spanish II concepts. Students should have a basic mastery of level II grammar and vocabulary. Oral proficiency continues to be a major focus with increased emphasis on the depth of study of the many target cultures represented in the Spanish-speaking world. Reading and writing skills are stressed. Students read for comprehension from a variety of authentic materials, such as advertisements in newspapers, magazines, cartoons and personal correspondence, short literacy selections of poetry, plays, and short stories. Students write, paraphrase, summarize, and writes brief compositions. The course provides instruction enabling students to understand and appreciate other cultures by comparing social behaviors and values of people using the target language. Proficiency exam will be given at the end of the course.

Prerequisite: Spanish II and language proficiency



Spanish IV provides an advanced application of skills learned in Spanish I, II, and III Honors. The course is divided into thematic units, which provide vocabulary enrichment and language integrated skills. Students receive constant exposure to spoken Spanish and will develop reading strategies through the study of history, literature, and culture of Spanish-speaking countries. The course enables the students to express opinions and make judgments, respond to factual and interpretive questions and interact in complex social situations. Students read for comprehension from a variety of longer authentic materials and are aware of the major literary, musical, and artistic periods and genres of at least one of the cultures in the target language. Proficiency exam will be given at the end of the course.

Prerequisite: Spanish Ill and language proficiency



The Russian 1 is an accelerated course that lasts 18 weeks. Every week includes five 90-minute lessons;  This course teaches basic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills and provides diverse activities. Simple grammatical structures are practiced in innovative and interesting ways with a variety of learning styles in mind. Weekly practice with conversation coaches and the instructor is provided online. Culture is presented throughout the course to help you understand the context of the language and to better explore the perspectives of the Russian language.


This course is a continuation of a beginning level course that will introduce students to a variety of areas of language learning. In this course students will gain listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills through activities that include role-plays, word games, simulation, creating avatar, recording your own voice, making a virtual trip to Russia. Students will be able practice Russian with classmates, conversation coaches, and instructor using Pronto. Grammar will be introduced with a variety of learning styles in mind. Culture will be introduced in the course to give students better understanding of traditions, history, people of the Russian speaking world.

Prerequisite - Successful completion of Russian 1 or ability to demonstrate mastery of Level 1 Russian. Native speakers who speak Russian or some Russian are allowed to bypass Russian 1. Conformation from Russian instructor is required.