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Caple, Rebecca
Gonzales, Rosana
World Language
Spanish Teacher
Jones, Michele
CTE Director
Machado, Jessica
Social Studies
Social Studies Teacher
Moore, Shannon
Math Teacher


This course introduces the study of humanity and culture at a fundamental level to familiarize students with different cultures across the Globe. The course covers the foundations of anthropology's five main branches, including physical, social, linguistic, archeological, and cultural. Each branch of Anthropology will be defined explored. Students will get the opportunity to compare the modern study of humans to the historical study of them (i.e how are humans and culture looked at differently today). Students will also have the opportunity to compare U.S. culture to cultures found elsewhere, whether it be a big or small culture, as well as in the U.S. (regional differences).

Topics in Psychology 

This course is an exploratory study into various interesting topics and occupations within the field of psychology covering such topics as self-care and wellness, personality, abnormal, and criminal/forensic psychology as well as topics of interest identified by students. Expectations for the course includes 100% participation in all group discussions, group work and projects as well as an independent research project.

Life Skills

Life passes by quickly. Before you know it, your little ones will grow up into adults with a life of their own. And when they do, you would want them to be ready for life. Education gives your children the knowledge they need about different subjects, but it does not necessarily equip them with essential life skills.


This class takes them through the list of a few basic life skills your teenagers should know before they leave the nest and how parents can help children acquire these skills. Some areas that will be covered are: handling money and budgeting skills, personal health care and basic first aid, social skills and manners, organizational skills, communication skills, problem solving skills and much more.


Game Design

In this course, students will use concepts from science, technology, engineering, arts, and math through game-based learning while learning basic coding skills, collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Students will use a variety of platforms such as Minecraft for Education Edition and Planeteers to explore their creativity and design ideas.

Global Awareness

As technology brings us closer together the world becomes smaller, reachable, and sometimes unknown. We are preparing the 21st century students to be Citizens of The World. Students are an important part of an interconnected society, they need to engage in it with knowledge, tolerance, and compassion. They need to be prepared to navigate the world, succeed in it, and build a promising future.

Being globally aware means to be open and embrace other nations cultures, customs, religions, folklore, different socioeconomic backgrounds, and build an understanding and mutual respect, while fostering a social and emotional learning. Global Citizens can compare their own culture with others in the world, value and respect differences that bring us together to work to solve global common challenges. At the end our individual actions affect the world around us.

In this class we are going to learn about global issues such as climate change, world peace and security, hunger, education around the world, poverty, health, clean water, and sanitation and much more. We are going to learn about organizations, programs and activities around the world that are working towards solving those issues. That will inspire and equip our students with the skills to work in collaboration with others cultures and nations towards common global challenges.