Spring Semester Plan B
Daily Schedule for Option B

1st Day of Spring Semester for students: January 6, 2021- First two weeks REMOTE

Plan B will implement in-person learning for ½ of the student population on a Bi-Weekly Basis Monday-Thursday starting January 19, 2021

Fridays are self-directed remote learning with Advisory/Mentoring at 10am

In-Person and Virtual Class Hours with AAHSNC Teachers Monday-Thursday


Dismissal: 1:45

Teachers’ Office Hours: 2-4pm

Last Names A-K attend A WEEK (111 students expected)

Last Names L-Z attend B Week (118 students expected)

Students not in attendance at school MUST log in virtually every day at the assigned times, for every class period, or they will be marked ABSENT.

Students and parents/guardians are responsible for notifying teachers if the student is unable to participate in a class due to illness or other family emergency.

Students are expected to be available for SCHOOL during SCHOOL HOURS for assigned classes. Having a “day job” during an assigned class is unacceptable.

Apprenticeships/Work-Based Learning is scheduled individually.