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Ligon, Gene
Physical Education
Health and PE Teacher

Physical Education and Health

The course will enable students to gain knowledge and skills about healthful living topics important to their age levels. The following strands are the focus of instruction: health-related fitness, motor skills, movement concepts, personal and social responsibility, nutrition and physical activity, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, mental and emotional health, interpersonal communication and relationships and personal and consumer health.


Physical Fitness / Weight Lifting

The emphasis in this course is on muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, and safety. The core lifts in this course include parallel squats, deadlift, and bench press. Weight room safety, warm-up/cool down procedures, lifting technique and safety for all lifts, major muscle identification, and individual goal setting are all important components in this course.

Fitness and Nutrition

This one-semester elective course provides students with an overview of good nutrition principles that are necessary for physical and mental wellness and a long, healthy life. Instructional materials include discussions of digestion, basic nutrients, weight management, sports and fitness, and life-span nutrition. The Nutrition and Wellness course emphasizes an understanding of today's food and eating trends and gives students the capacity to intelligently evaluate all available sources of nutrition information and make informed decisions. Unit topics include a course introduction, wellness and food choices in today's world, digestion and major nutrients, and body size and weight management.