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Mitchell, Dave
Industrial Design Teacher

Introduction to Industrial Design Technology

This course provides a general groundwork for best practices and gainful employment within the industrial design and engineering disciplines. Techniques in brainstorming, ideation, design development, model making, presentation and problem solving are discussed in detail. Students primarily observe various guest designers and experts while participating in some design work of their own. Student sphere of influence and current state of the art in digital technologies, i.e., CAD, CAID, and CAT along with emerging materials and techniques will be explored and utilized by the students.

Student projects will typically fall under studio product design-theme categories such as, but not limited to: home, house and hardware, sneaker, (performance athletic apparel), outdoor recreational, game and toy, p.o.p display, exhibit, architectural, stage property, furniture, consumer product, transportation and vehicle design, extreme environments/ land air sea space, entertainment, (film and game content concept design), themed entertainment and environmental design, etc. Emphasis will be on engaging in and understanding the design process through individual and team projects.