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Apprentice Academy High School will provide students with a career and technology-focused education that prepares them for post-high school employment and delivers the academic rigor necessary for college success​.

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Career and Technology-Focused Education (CTE)

AAHSNC students in 11th and 12th grade attend classes in various skilled trades, services and computer science at local community colleges, based on their chosen career paths. These facilities offer mechanical workshops and other high-tech equipment, as well as trained, experienced instructors who provide hands-on learning. Dual enrollment enables the students to earn college credit towards 2- and 4- year degrees and tuition is free through the North Carolina’s Career and College Promise program.
Where applicable, courses are aligned to industry certifications and/or credentials, preparing the students to attain them upon completion of the program. Development of 21st century skills including collaboration, critical thinking, entrepreneurial skills, and problem solving is a part of each of the career pathways.
These students will also be given the opportunity to participate in paid youth apprenticeships at local businesses. To be eligible, they must meet all expected academic and career learning requirements, participate in a job interview and be accepted for employment.

AAHSNC students graduate from High School with two full years of occupational training and potential certifications that allow them to enter the workforce immediately into high-paying high-demand jobs.


Career Pathways

Skilled Construction and Manufacturing Trades

Examples include:

  • HVAC      
  • Electrical      
  • Welding      
  • Carpentry      
  • Plumbing

Skilled Automotive Trades

Divided into two programs as follows:

  • Automotive Systems      
  • Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing


Divided into three programs as follows:

  •  Culinary Arts      
  • Cosmetology     
  • Health Sciences

Computer Science/Information Technology

Divided into three programs as follows:

  • Programming     
  • Mobile Applications Development      
  • Cybersecurity

Core Academics

Students will receive instruction in core classes consistent with North Carolina guidelines, although many of the school's courses will be designed to meet the needs of CTE students. All students must take the end of course exams (EOC) and meet the proficiency standards of Math 1 and/or Math3, English 2 and Biology. These exams are required by the North Carolina Department of Public Education to receive a North Carolina High School diploma.


Apprentice Academy students will have a 25 credit requirement for graduation:

16 Mandatory Credit Requirements:
English- 4 credits
Math-4 credits
Social Studies- 4 credits
Science-3 credits

Health/Physical Education- 1 credit


9 Additional Credits:

A combination of CTE / World Language /Arts / Local Electives / Work-based Learning depending on post high school plans (College, Trade School, Employment). For more information, see the course guide or contact the guidance counselor.