Career & College Guidance

Apprentice Academy High School will provide students with a career and technology-focused education that prepares them for post-high school employment and delivers the academic rigor necessary for college success​. Students will receive instruction in core classes consistent with North Carolina guidelines, although many of the school's courses will be designed to meet the needs of CTE students. All students must take the end of course exams (EOC) and meet the proficiency standards of Math 1 and/or Math3, English 2 and Biology. These exams are required by the North Carolina Department of Public Education to receive a North Carolina High School diploma.


Apprentice Academy students will have a 25 credit requirement for graduation:

16 Mandatory Credit Requirements:
English- 4 credits
Math-4 credits
Social Studies- 4 credits
Science-3 credits

Health/Physical Education- 1 credit


9 Additional Credits:

A combination of CTE / World Language /Arts / Local Electives / Work-based Learning depending on post high school plans (College, Trade School, Employment). For more information, see the course guide or contact the guidance counselor.  


Our College & Career Promise (CCP) program is an innovative program of study developed to prepare students for selective colleges and universities in and outside of North Carolina. Motivated students can earn more than 30 hours of college credits through AP testing and college coursework in only two years.